Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sivananda yoga with Shambu

This past week we did a Beginner Sivananda yoga workshop. We did ten classes in  five days, it was a lot of yoga for one week. We learned a lot despite being quite sore and tired by the end, and we both really felt like we took a lot out of it. Our teacher Shambu was great, he really checked on all of us in every asana. It was great to have our mistakes corrected to get more out of the class. 

Lovebird shoulderstand

Luc assisting Ginger in a headstand

And then Ginger assisting Luc

As well as this yoga workshop, we've done a Laughter yoga class and an acro yoga class, they both sound just like what they are. They were all a ton of fun, and an incredible experience.

Tomorrow we get on a plan to Nepal!

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