Sunday, March 4, 2012

Solitude Organic & Pebble Garden

Probably the best thing about Auroville has been all the great Organic small farms to see and explore. We got to know the Buddha Garden quite well, and had the chance to check out a bunch of places. Two of our favorites have been Solitude Organic and Pebble Garden

The entrance to the farm
Field of rice

They were growing rice and food using a method known as "do nothing" farming. I'm into this. It's a style and philosophy inspired by Masanobu Fukuoka. I read the book and it changed my perspective on food.

Up close

Rice sitting out in the sun to dry

Bicycle powered flour grinder, there is a grinder beside it another bike.

The nursery

Ginger with corn taller than she is

Mmm, want to grow...

Big windmill

The days start with a quick foggy sunrise, and a long colorful sunset. It will be hard to leave our  little hut in the field.

Baby goat in the farm beside us

Mama goat in the path to Buddha Garden

We went to a cotton exposition as well, very interesting
 We went for a tour of the Pebble Garden which is half soil regeneration and half seed saving. They grew an amazing amount of vegetables, mostly for seed. The man running the farm was the cutest farmer ever, and everything about the farm was beautiful. They had a very nice second story loft I wouldn't mind living in.

Cute farmer

Mosquito nets to avoid cross pollination

To create soil, they make a bed full of compostable matter and use twigs with will decompose eventually into the bed 

Big Chinese cabbage

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