Saturday, March 10, 2012

Holy Moly, Holi Festival.

 We arrived in Nepal a few days ago, just in time for their annual Holi festival. The Holi festival is a day where everybody throws colored paint and water at eachother in the spirit of fun. The significance behind it is the coming of spring, as well as a day where social customs and class are ignored. People were walking around rubbing the powdered paint all over each others faces yelling "happy Holi!" as well as throwing water balloons, sometimes with paint in them. Some slightly less involved but oh so important people were the ones throwing buckets and bags full of water from the balconies a few stories above, it was really quite dangerous if you ask me. We had a blast and got very very dirty. 

We started out wearing normal clothes and quickly learned that a raincoat was the best option, and also that anything we wore would be ruined. 

Ginger started out wearing a white shirt and skirt, not a good idea with all the water being thrown. Even if it looks like blood...

Our already worn shoes took a beating

Looking up to watch for the aerial attacks was crucial

Self shot, not too painted yet

After a short time, we still look clean!

The paint for sale in the streets, unfortunately  we had no water for counter attacks

A little wet, a little painted, but still kissing

These kids insisted we come along with them, we couldn't resist

Taking a break, as you can see it got pretty intense. The fellow beside Luc is Ludwig, a german we met the night before.

Paint a few layers thick

paint beard

We're still sneezing paint

The aftermath of a  red paint water balloon 

Big smiles

The gutters were full of colored paint

Even a rain jacket couldn't keep you dry

Pigeons circling a pagoda, which was the only safe place

Lots of people were even messier than we were

Paint-water dance party!
By the end of the day we were exhausted and had hot showers that looked more like liquid rainbows. We are enjoying lazy life in the city drinking too much coffee and feasting on pastry, Nepali sweets, mo mo a local favorite which closely resembles a perogy, and of course Nepali tea. We've spent the rest of our time (and money) shopping in preparation for our upcoming Himalayan trek ....

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