Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Last of Buddha Garden

Although it feels like a long time ago, we were at Buddha Garden just about a week ago, seems longer. These are some of the last pictures from our time in Auroville. 

Country kiss

We had an infestation of hornet like flying-stinging things trying to live in our huts roof. Ginger got stung on the finger by one, it really hurt and left a big red bump that's still there. Here they are with a few guards standing watch. There was a lot more hiding inside the comb they were building. Rajan the do it all staff member of the Buddha Garden dealt with it by bravely spraying some ant spray at them and poking the nest with a stick. Brave man. Amazingly he didn't get stung and they left, after being smoked out with incense for a few more days.

We ventured to the ocean one very hot day, Luc and fellow Buddha Garden volunteer Mikey went for a dip.
Regina, Ginger and Luc. 

In the salty ocean.


Similarity breeds liking

The entrance complete with cattle gate.

Scrum of crazy red bugs.

Our daily packing list.
Bag, hats, water, toilet paper, flashlight, mosquito spray, water, money belt, pen, notepad, pocket knife, keys, fan. 

Yet another pretty sunset.

We visited a farm where they grew Spirulina, we had been taking the tablets for a few days prior to seeing the tanks it was made in, after seeing them we stopped. Spirulina is an algae that's supposedly really good for you, it's a complete amino acid. But the tanks it was being grown in had other things growing in them, and looked pretty gross. The stuff is expensive too!

Luc and Amy not looking very enthused.
We really enjoyed our time in Auroville but are happy to be where it is not so hot. Its starting to feel like our trip is almost over, which is crazy because we still have nearly two months left, most people never travel for even that long! We're all cozied up in the tourist ghetto of Kathmandu for now, waiting for some tummy trouble to blow over, then its off to the hills. Five more weeks in Nepal, who knows what kind of shenanigans we'll get up to. Check back soon to find out!


  1. Always nice to see your posts... 2 more months? Really? What a long time, but it will fly by I'm sure. Enjoy the Himalayas!

  2. Thanks darling! And it is flying like you wouldn't believe. Keep us posted on your comings and goings. XOXOXO