Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Off to Annapurna

By the time you read this we will be on the way to our trekking adventure on the Annapurna mountain. If you feel like googling where we're going, it's called the poon hill-annapurna base camp loop. It should take us about 15 days (we've given ourselves a more realistic 20) to complete the loop. Other travelers kept asking us if we had hiking gear, which of course we didn't, and then kindly reassured us that we could buy everything once we got here. We've blown a bunch of rupees on supplies and opted for some crazy luxuries like hiking boots, hiking pants, walking poles, special hiking socks and the list goes on and on, looking like walking north face ads, we're finally ready to go. We spent longer than we expected in Kathmandu but really enjoyed ourselves there. 

Luc in his new "marmot" sleeping bag. Like a big canker worm. 

Luc in his new "mountain hardwear" fleece, outside the best organic coffee joint in Kathmandu.

We took a rickshaw in Kathmandu, traffic is tight. This was roomy by their standards.

Normal day at a normal intersection.

Laid out, looks like a lot of stuff because it is.

Our bags all packed and ready to go. We're so matching it hurts.

This will be our last blog post/communicado for a while, there is supposedly an internet cafe somewhere along the way, but other than that you'll just have to picture a sweaty tired and dirty Ginger and Luc. 

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