Thursday, April 12, 2012

Mountain Madness

This set of photos bring us to our highest point, the town of Deurali, and most of the way back down. We climbed to 3700M, and by the time we got there it was cold, very cold. It rained on us a few times but we were incredibly luckily. Every time we stepped under the awning of our lodge for the night, it started to pour buckets, most nights it hailed. We must have had someone watching us, we chalked it up to good karma.

Warmth in many fashions.

Stream side chocolate and water break.

"We're in the mountains, this is great"

Crossing over eerie Avalanche chutes, with a stream running through it.


Mid mountain mending.

Suspended stone steps.

Spot the lizard!

Beautiful butterfly. 

Green valley.

Bootless rest stop.

Ridiculous suspension bridges.

"Wait, where are we?"

Vintage hiking ad.

Storm's a brewin'.

Safe from hail, cold from shower.

Hail madness. 

Big ice cubes.

Note the Umbrella...

Looking down towards Pokhara, low lying rain clouds in the valley.

Storm's still going strong behind us.

Our last clear view of the "fishtail moutain", any guesses how it got the name?

These are from the highest point we climbed to, no more trees, lots of snow, bare rock faces on both sides of us. It was also cold and windy, until the sun poked its head over the mountains.

We have still more photos to share, we will put them up as soon as we can.
We miss you guys at home a lot, but we will be home to see you all soon!


  1. That second last photo is ridiculous, so awesome

  2. As usual, I love looking at your pictures! The suspended stone stairs are super cool.

    Looks like you had some amazing mountain views up there!! I was in the mountains too this weekend, although my trip was a lot more touristy - skiing in Whistler :P

    I'm glad you're doing well, stay safe! And if you have a Vancouver layover on the way home, let me know. I'd gladly visit you :)

  3. i've been enjoying following your travels. thanks.

  4. Thanks mark, it was one of my favorites... it still looks tiny compared to real life.

    I don't know how much less touristy ours was...lots of people. Sorry Globa, we only stop in Tokyo, come meet us there?

    No Dave, thank you.