Sunday, April 8, 2012

Fields of Green

This leg of the trek where the photos were taken was the most beautiful part. With a great panoramic view of the mountains, rhododendron flowers in full bloom everywhere, lavender, being literally in the clouds, and walking first along a tall thin ridge, then dropping into a deep rocky gorge, it's hard to top. 

Ginger with some lavender trees.

Head in the clouds.

There was clouds settling in the valleys on both sides of the ridge we walked across, very neat.

Reading "On the Road" waiting for lunch.

Filling our bottle with water falling down the walls of the gorge.

Bed of Rhododendrons.

Our friend Alfred, hunting monkeys.

Langur! We saw monkeys a couple times, so cool to see wild monkeys!

The terraced fields of wheat give the mountains an alien like look.

Full of lady bugs.

We had to cross plenty of suspension bridges, this one was particularly scary.

Not a swimming pool. We got excited.

It was quite hot during the day, Ginger wetting her hat to stay cool.


I wasn't too sure about this bridge...

Stairs, so many stairs!

Looking down into the valley.

The nicest view of the mountain range, in my opinion.

Fog in the gorge, I felt like I was in Lord of the Rings.


Crib/rocker, Nepali style.

Stay tuned for more photos!

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