Friday, February 17, 2012

Buddha Garden

We still really love it here at the Buddha Garden, and feel so at home we're predictably extending our stay.  

Mending & dirty feet


The field outside our hut

There are beautiful sunsets every night

Blanket door keeps it cool inside

Our new cabin in the woods.

Luc assisting in tipi building

Sawdust for the compost toilet in the nearby International House, which houses volunteers in Auroville.

His & Hers compost toilets. Not actually, one is for the liquids, the other for the solids. 

5 kilos of fresh green & purple lettuce

Lettuce bouquet

7 a.m


Finding earthworms while weeding

Sitting on our second story porch

We watch the sunset every night from our hut

A local fire-dancer

There are windmills everywhere. 


  1. i love frogs! that picture is super. and i love the ginger runners with the totally indian pants.

  2. i had one land on my back when I was peeing in the middle of the night, so scary. And my runners are ruined! and I miss you. xoxo