Monday, February 6, 2012

Arrived at Auroville

Auroville is like Oz (as in the Wizard of Oz), where the Wizard has been replaced with an Indian Mother. Our adventure to Auroville began in Chennai, where we (Erina, Luc and I) were dropped off by our couchsurfing host Vejay near to a bus stop. With a little confusion we hoped a very fancy A/C bus to heading toward Pondicherry that would drop us off at the 'East side Auroville stop'.
Us seated in the stairs. 

Our backpacks blocking the back entrance.

We've been working in the gardens at Buddha Garden for two days now,  and have spent four days here.  We arrived for the weekend and got two days off right away. Good timing. Up before the sun at five 5:45am we have a stiff coffee and head to work by 6:15. We have been weeding, picking and packaging, fertilizing, planting and playing with water irrigation Lego's.  We have a pretty sweet gig and only work till 9am. 

Irrigation system...clever...

One of three gardens. 

Crowd full of hippies at a Sadhana Forest Farm tour.

There's no place like home. 

Birds eye view

It sort of feels like i'm living in a utopia.

Green is great

We rented some bikes and have been pedaling around. It's great to ride a bike again. The town is big, but small enough you can get around on bikes easily. The bikes, and the road however, are not so great. But we'll take what we can get. 

Trail PDA.

It's nice to be in nature away from the city.


  1. Trail PDA- you guys are so cute. Skype soon

  2. Your adventure looks amazing guys! I miss you! India looks awesome! When I was in Penang, I had some of the best Indian food I'd ever had in my life, it's my new favourite right now. Their iced chai tea was to die for on a hot day too. I can only imagine how amazing it is in India. Keep well, I'll be checking up on you!! ;)


  3. Couldn't help but notice dem rings on yo fingassssss. Very cute. XXo Melanee

  4. They are fakes! India is a pretty conservative country, and has really aggressive men, we wore them while in the cities to ward off unwanted attention.