Monday, January 9, 2012

Zombies attack in Bangkok.

Let me start by giving you a piece of advice, avoid at all costs 23 hour bus rides whilst having diarrhea. Our bus ride from Ranong to Bangkok spat us out right by Khaosan rd. at 5:30 am, just as the sun was coming up. Khaosan rd. is a world famous party strip, riddled with street vendors, bars, and people trying to sell you everything from a suit to a fortune reading, "hey friend, nice mustache, you need suit? cheap cheap for you best in all asia" " you lucky man, I see, I know your mothers name, how? I'm not selling a thing friend" We walked onto this street to a scene out of a bad zombie movie. People passing out in the gutter, stumbling around trying to remain upright, puking, garbage everywhere, music still playing. Most of them didn't even look like they were having fun anymore, and anyone coherent enough to speak, really wanted to talk to us. We hadn't pre-booked a place to stay, why bother, its Bangkok right? Wrong. It was very booked up so we wandered around for hours before finding somewhere decent. And then we proceeded to sleep for the entire day. And then Luc woke up with a fever, and so we took his temperature every hour, put cool cloths on his forehead and neck, and waited for it to pass. And eventually it did. When we were finally able to explore khao san in the daylight, things weren't quite so scary. It was pretty much just the Osborne street festival on speed that never ended. We did a little shopping, a little eating, and moved ourselves into the Villa Cha Cha ( which was just across the way from our first hotel, and for only double the price, had a pool!

Khao San basking in the normalcy of daylight.

Khao San still looking alright.

Most importantly, we got our flight issues resolved! We took our tushes down to United and spoke with a very nice Thai lady that was more than willing to fix the problem. It shall also be noted that we in no way needed a Visa. Luc and I have learned the valuable adult lesson that sometimes all a big problem takes to solve is an equally large sum of money. We'll be home APRIL 25th.

Highly coveted new pants.

We ended up eating almost all our meals at this amazing vegetarian restaurant, Ethos (, it was cozy, the music was nice, it always smelt lovely, they have the best chai in town, and the food was really really good. The owner even had tips on where to find free yoga classes.

At the end of it all, we had settled in pretty nice, once we had managed to avoid the zombies like pros. But Laos was calling our names with the promise of organic farms, so off we went.

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