Saturday, December 10, 2011

Hornbill Huts in Koh Phayam with Pamela.

Koh Phayam is truly an island paradise. We took a long-tail boat to get there, and for the first time we were dropped off in the water, just a short stroll from our resort, Hornbill Hut The resort owners met us down the beach where we were dropped off and carried some of our bags back for us. We explained that we wanted to share a bunglow the three of us, to which the lady's eyes lit up, "we have perfect for you, very big, at the top of the hill." So we trekked up the hill to an A-frame so perfect, Luc and I will probably build something similar to call home in the next few years. Pam got the main floor to herself, and we took the upstairs loft. The best part was the porch overlooking the ocean.
The resort grounds were beautiful complete with a ton of butterflies, a couple toucans, open grass gazebos with hammocks to laze about in. They also had two resident cutie children that we swam and played frisbee with. And they even had Jenga and Chess. And a library.

Pam is also keeping a blog of her adventures as an English-Drama teacher in Thailand. It's full of good gossip & fun stories. We recommend a look

The whole weekend couldn't have been more perfect. But to top everything off, after we had cleared up our tab and were about to stroll back to the beach that we were dropped off at, to catch the boat our Lady Hostess said something to their dog Coco in Thai and then Coco led us to the boat pick-up! She even waited with us until the boat arrived.


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