Sunday, November 20, 2011

Koh Taoism

This past week we took a horrifying taxi ride up to the North Eastern part of Koh Tao to Hin Wong Bay. For 350 baht (about 12 or so dollars Canadian) we rented a small bungalow in an even smaller resort with a big view. Hin Wong Resort is pretty much the only resort on the bay with no shops or restaurants for miles, so we got a nice taste of how it feels to live in seclusion.

Luc spent a ridiculous amount of time reading in the hammock on our porch that overlooked the ocean ..

He also had the opportunity to fix a couple bikes for a french couple who were bike touring.

We spent a lot of time on the beach canoodling
And also did some beach reading and frisbee playing.

Gorgeous view from our porch.

I (Ginger) have decided that there is nothing better than a thick watermelon shake

Although Hing Wong was gorgeous, we have since moved to a more south Eastern bay of Koh Tao called Aow Tanote, and are staying at the Mountain Reef Resort.

Last night an insane monsoon rolled in and we spent the night hiding away in our bungalow.

Ginger on the new porch.

Our new friend.

We also did some kayaking yesterday, but Luc did most of the paddling.


  1. Looks like you're having a great time... a week in seclusion must have been quite the experience! And I would agree, Ginger, a watermelon shake sounds lovely :)

  2. We are! I hope Vancouver is as amazing as it looks, we've recently discovered the banana-peanut shakes are also super delicious! We miss you and think of you all the time xoxo

  3. So you're there, and alive! Both good things to see. How do I get to earlier entries?
    Hope you're having a fun time,

  4. You are both so adorable... it looks like you guys are in paradise. The pictures are beautiful. Take care of yourselves!

  5. Hey look, the Hin Wong resort looks just like Winnipeg this time of year!

    Just to make myself jealous I'm sticking your blog link in my blog. Pretty sure I'm not going to like you at all by the time you return. Well, I have nothing against you Ginger, as I'm sure this is all Luc's idea.

    Keep having fun guys.

  6. Angus, just click the "ginger & luc on the run" or take everything after the .com/ out...

    We are in paradise... today its a stormy one.

    scott, I'll try to find some snow just to even the score...

  7. Thanks Nikki! It definitely feels like we are. I hope law & edmonton are being sensitive and kind to you. Lots of love. xo.