Saturday, November 12, 2011

Jungle party vs full moon

Well, we didn't actually make it to both.

The Jungle Party is one of the many parties leading up to the infamous Full Moon Part. We taxied into the Jungle with a couple Saskatoon boys, and a brit they had picked up on their travels, sneaking in just before 11pm and so avoiding the cover charge. The party was already in full swing with a ton of people dancing to really load electronic music that could be heard from miles away. We had already had a bucket, so we joined in easily. The Saskatoon boys had war paint and giant bamboo sticks due to some previous jungle dog problems earlier that day, thankfully there was no war. But the sticks were excellent dancing props, drinking aids and served well for limbo.

Jungle love.

It turns out a bucket of alcohol makes for a fun night, and a not so fun following day.

This is some sort of male dancing ritual I will never understand,

All in all the jungle party was a great time, but the next day was not. So much so that we missed the full moon party entirely! This turned out to be a blessing I think as there were many people with fresh leg injuries and crabby faces with large bottles of water walking around the next day.


Early morning view.

We ended up camped out in a cafe while there was a bit of a monsoon, this photo doesn't do the rain justice. It's so hot that it rains and five minutes later the roads are dry.

Luckily this cafe had a very delicious veggie burger,..

that was basically a deep fried spring roll! so delicious.

The night we missed the full moon party we did manage to make it out for what we think was the thai flower festival which is where the thai release flowers into the ocean to wash away their sins. It was beautiful. The picutres really don't do it justice.


  1. Awesome pictures! Haven't seen a monkey in one yet though ;)

  2. Party in the jungle with sticks and war paint - What would Freud say?

  3. Trip of a lifetime, Luc... wow... Glad I found this :-)

  4. well, glad to see that you are immersing yourself in Thai culture. Wasn't aware that buckets of booze (I'm looking at you, Gingy) was a part of Thai culture though. Have fun. Be good to each other. Wait for the signs

  5. You needed the big green shovel to go with the sand pail. The shovel might have kept you busy!
    Sounds like a great beach party...Love Wow.