Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Talad Rod Fai (train car market)

Our flight from Nepal to Thailand left us with a 10 hr layover in Mumbai, we watched a movie, tried to nap, and it went by quickly.


Attempt to snooze. 
We landed in Bangkok on Thursday into incredible heat, topped off by the fact that we were both sick. To make it worse our hotel had no AC! We slept for almost an entire day in order to recuperate in time for the weekend. We really wanted to check out a market we heard of called "Talad Rod Fai" or Train Car Market. It's a pretty new vintage market set in an old train yard, everything from vespas to spring rolls were on sale. It was a hipster paradise. We picked up some sweet new duds including overalls and crop tops, had a couple beers, and a delicious chocolate oreo shake. 
It was really interesting to see a couple thousand Thai kids idolizing 1950's north american pop culture, James Dean, Elvis, Marilyn and all the usual suspects were all proudly on display. Converted VW vans made up the bars and simple yet effective clothing racks and good old tarps on the ground sold the goods. Luc was in a bit of an automotive heaven, American kids souped up vintage American cars, Asian kids do the same with Asian cars. There were 70's corollas everywhere and even a few lifted Samurais, very awesome.

It's been by far the best night market experience we've been through and left us wanting to start a Winnipeg version.

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Drool worthy Moped.

LWB lifted samura! yes!

The captain and crew.

Used shoes, glasses.

Vw van shake bar.

There was some new stuff for sale too, laptop sleeves. We took notes.

Sweating in the heat, enjoying a cold beer.

Vintage stuffed animals and toys, cool Ford van.

Hats galore! 
Sadly this is our last real great experience of Thai culture. We fly out of Bangkok in less than 6 hours! And are expected to arrive home around 2:15 tomorrow. We'll probably post one last rap up when we recover from the jet lag. 
We're very excited to see all our friends & family, return to our dearly missed feline, and get back on our bikes! (and Ginger of course won't stop describing in detail every dress that she misses). Thanks to everyone for all the positive feedback, we miss you all terribly and can't wait to see you.
lot's of love from afar.

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