Monday, April 23, 2012

Lake side lazing

After relaxing and recovering for a few days after trekking, we decided to leave Pokhara and go to Begnas tal and Rupas tal, two lakes only an hour or so away. The weather had become hot during the days and rainy at nights, which meant it was great for pool hopping and storm watching. We experienced one of the coolest lightning storms I've ever seen, high and dry from a rooftop. We stayed at a really cool guest house called Rupa View, it's a small family run place with a very homey feel. They were doing some pretty good stuff too, growing lots of their own food, including coffee, running a biogas burner for the kitchen, keeping beehives, and composting. We talked to the owner for a few minutes about it and he was really friendly and seemed to enjoy showing off his well deserved eco friendliness. We also spent a day hanging out by the pool belonging to a very pricey lodge nearby. Sometimes you gotta ball hard.

Ginger loungin' by the pool.

Typical no-eyed smile.
The storm brewing over the mountains.

There was a lot of lightning, every few seconds there was a flash in the sky. The storm was so far off on the horizon that there was no thunder. It was like a choreographed light show.
Catching lightning is hard, but check these out!

While taking a walk in Begnas tal we saw a group of wild monkeys. Very cute little guys.

Everything Is Illuminated, anyone? (Gabi I expect you to know this!)

Beehive at The Rupa View guest house.
All that is visible of the biogas plant.

Soon to be ripe coffee beans.

The pool at the swanky lodge.

The cat and us share the same view on relaxing.

More monkeying coming soon!

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