Monday, January 16, 2012

SaeLao Leftovers

While I think the only way to really describe almost a month of time is to be there, here's a whole bunch of photos from the time we spent at SaoLao, enjoy.

Jumping from the tree at the blue lagoon. I'd guess it was 6-7m high. Lots of fun.

Attaching water bottles to a water crest planter. Water crest is a delicious leafy green good in pretty much anything, I liked it raw with lemon. It grows in water on the surface, so the racks need to be floating to keep the plants above water. Its also grows incredibly fast, filling these racks in a less than a week.

Ginger transplanting some plants, you could really just throw it anywhere and it would grow. you can see the difference in growth between the after (top) and before here.

Valentine and Luc walking through a rice paddy.

The makeshift stairs leading down from the Phoukam cave. It means Golden crab, we saw one in a small puddle deep in the cave, creepy little creature. We also saw a spider the size of your hand in there.

Light shining into the entrance of the cave.

This was the small wooden bridge leading to SaeLao, the truck was too wide for the bridge, but its shallow enough to drive across.

Neat looking tree trunk, not sure what's going on with it.

This was the stream beside SaeLao we did our laundry in. The water was so clear and refreshing, it was a favorite of the local cows.

The water at the blue lagoon really is blue.

The mornings were very foggy, the fog hung in the mountains until it got warm outside.
The sunsets always proved beautiful, the pond made it even more spectacular. 

The view from the restaurant area.

These tractor type things were everywhere, we even saw one turned into a table-saw.

The contrast of the beautiful landscape and barbed wire fences was a little puzzling.

Sunset over the SaeLao pond.

As always the pictures don't do it justice, it was truly a breathtaking place to be. I'm sure I missed lots of things, you'll just have to buy me a beer to get the rest of the details. Our time at the Organic Farm is up next. Stay tuned...


  1. I love the picture of the wire fence in focus with the rest of the shot blurry - so beautiful :)

  2. I miss you guys!! I'm glad your flights were resolved. I had my own adventure trying to sort out my visa in Penang. BUT! More importantly, I finally heard one of those lizards! There's one living outside my bathroom window so every night when I pee, I can hear it...and I think of you...

  3. Nikki we broke our good camera :( but hope dearly to replace it soon. I think of you often and love the blog <3