Thursday, December 1, 2011

The mainland

After we'd explored the three big southern islands in the golf, we decided it was time to see the mainland and headed to Chumphon. Most people simply get off the ferry in Chumphon and hop right onto a bus heading somewhere else. We don't like to travel more than a few hours a day if we can avoid it, so we stayed a few nights. It was our first time experiencing Thailand in an area that wasn't founded on tourism, which is what we were hoping for. We spent our days wandering around in the sweltering heat. Ginger suffered from some minor sun sickness for a couple days, and as fate would have it this was the first room with A/C we've had since our first couple days in Bangkok. Overall we really liked the city, especially the night market.

 Ginger before getting on the ferry, if she had known what was coming she wouldn't have looked so cute...

One of a few bike shops in the area. I might have to buy some parts before I leave. 10 spdXtr cassettes for 90$ cad.... shifters for 85$ ....  

The street view for our table at a Chinese restaurant.

The night market in Chumphon was awesome, it stretched for probably a mile. Really good food and cheap stuff for sale on the side of the road. I bought a watch that proceeded to break in five minutes. I fixed it though...

We had delicious mango sticky rice, desert for dinner. 

We had breakfast at a nice little cafe around the corner from our hotel, the owner gave us free green tea. It was probably the best green tea I've ever had.

The view from our window, no wasted space in these parts.

Our mess in the hotel, five minutes after arriving. Just exercising our expert nesting abilities. 

A good coffee, is sometimes hard to find.

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  1. LB, you're smiling so big with that green tea, it makes me smile too. The hot beverages you post look almost as fantastic as the views. Ginger, you poor dear, stop getting some kind of sick =(