Monday, October 31, 2011

Thai food

We went to a local night market to wander around and find some food. Lots of simple shops selling everything from Raybans (real?) to dish soap. Lots of food, fish, meat, veggies, fruit, and prepared food. Not knowing what is in it or what it is makes it a little difficult to pick something, but we ended up getting some very delicious spring rolls and a curry noodle dish. The curry was especially interesting, there was three big pans of curry sauce and noodles, you choose a sauce and then put your own greens on it, i liked the sprouts and miscellaneous green stuff. Note the reusable bowls, forks/spoons, and cup. Also, you eat with your right hand, using your fork to put food on the spoon, and eat from the spoon. Tricky with noodles. Both dishes cost about 67 cents. A bargain id say.

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